Raiders 2nd at Metro Indoor!

Sunday, March 20 2016 - Metro Suburban Indoor Invitational

Coaches Corner

Raider(s) Of The Meet

The Raider(s) Of The Meet award will be given to those athletes that through their performances, caught the attention of the Coaches. This week, the Coaches have selected Abby Schlenker, Suvannah Williams, Emma Taylor, and Ania Gniatczyk as our Raiders Of The Meet. Congratulations!

Metro Suburban Indoor 2016

"Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records." - William Arthur Ward

Sometimes, when we think things are at their darkest, the sun comes up. Putting things in perspective, nothing terrible happened on Friday night. Quite the contrary. We had some great individual performances, (Abby Schlenker, Diane Lipa, Emma Taylor, & Ania Gniatczyk), and our 4 X 1 Relay (Suvannah Williams, Maiya Todd, Joslynn Hibbler, & Krista Kreshpanji) took 2.5 seconds off their previous best! But sometimes none of that seems to matter that we were runner-up in a meet many of us thought we would win. We're the Glenbard South Raiders after all! The same Raiders who have never finished less than 1st in the Metro Suburban Conference. It's kinda like getting punched in the mouth! Ouch, that hurts. What a wake up call! "Wait a minute Coach Tacchi, Does that mean we can't "just show up" and get the job done??"  I've always believed the exact opposite. It's because, in the past, "We Showed Up" in order to get the job done. It's a slight difference of words that make a huge change in perspectives, and sometimes an even bigger change in outcomes. What I said Friday night came true. The sun came up Saturday morning with a new opportunity to move forwards in every aspect of our lives. Not just Track & Field. What we can do as a team is take this opportunity to learn from the adveristy we face. How are we, as a team, going to respond? How are you, as an individual, going to move forward? What changes can you make? Let's take this journey together.

The Tacchi/Crenshaw/Preuss Salon-

We had quite a busy week with the Glenbard West JV meet on Tuesday and The Metro Suburban on Friday night. Tuesday brought us some incredible performances with Bianca Lupa (4-06, HJ), Gabby Reese (4-02, HJ), Justine Drake (6:58.7, 12-02, 1600, LJ), Claire Hill (11-11, LJ), and Cassidy Shirley (32.1, 200D) all turning in career best efforts. Overall, we thought the girls competed well and went after it! The 4 X 4 team of Skylar Moloney, Lily Taylor, Ania Gniatczyk, and Gianna Anderson kept battling throughout the race and eventually were crowned champions with a near record breaking performance! Our various 4 X 1's rocked! Well done! The lead up to Friday night began with Coach Tacchi MIA. This made for a disjointed pre-meet lead up. In spite of that, our sprint-jump-hurdle crew had to go on. Sarah Nardella was our only winner with a jump of 8-06! Emma Taylor had 2 huge PR's in the High Jump & Hurdles, Suvannah Williams ran a career best in the 55 and 200 dashes, and Joslynn Hibbler (LJ) and Claire Hill (TJ) also had career PR moments. The 4X1 of Williams, Maiya Todd, Hibbler, and Krista Kreshpanji also turned in a massive 2.5 second PR in the sprint relay! Moving forwards, I need all of you to think about how we can get better. My thoughts are practice and meet preparation!

O's No's- 3/15/16 Glenbard West JV Meet - the distance team was small at Glenbard West with Kendall Arlasky 3:12.57, Grace Gibson 2:57.02 and Mikayla Jacoby 3:37.3 all competing well in the 800m. Justine Drake 6:58.81 had almost a 20 second PR in the 1600m run followed by Cassidy Shirley 32.06 running her first 200m of the season!

3/18/16 Metro Suburban Indoor Championship -In the indoor conference meet our distance team earned 30 of the teams 87 points. Pat yourself on the back for competing at a high level in every race you ran in. The fourth place 3200m relay team of Julia Clingen 2:43.31, Courtney Knight 2:45.21, Ava Child 2:42.57 and Katie King 2:42.53 did an outstanding job of competing. In the 3200m run we earned huge points with a 2nd and 3rd place finish by Diane Lipa 12:13.65 and Erica Mote 13:10.45. Courtney Knight 2:50.04 and Julia Clingen 2:52.14 tried to come back with short rest from the 3200m relay to 800m but just missed placing. In the 1600m Abby Schlenker almost beat one of the best distance runners in the state placing second with a PR time of 5:22.96 followed by an awesome race by Ava Child 5:54.79 with a fourth place finish.

The Crissey Crunch Bar - When I sit and reflect on the throwers' performances this indoor season I have to remind myself that we are a very young group. Talented, but very young. Things that we have done very very well are learn the technique and have fun while working hard. Yes, we have a long way to go and our time is limited, but I feel optimistic that this year's throwing crew will step up during outdoor season. When we started the season we only had four throwers. Now we are up to 11 or 12. Each young lady brings their own personality and talents to the table and that's what makes it interesting. I am very interested to see who will step up over the next 3 to 4 weeks and separate themselves from the rest of the throwers. Will it be one of our juniors who leads us with their experience or one of the freshman or sophomores who are very athletic but lack the experience. Only time will tell.   I am excited for what lies ahead. Bring on outdoor season.

Points To Ponder - "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time."- Malcolm X

This Weeks Focus - Let's figure this out before May!

Team Building - Team Dinner Monday at 5! Bring something to share.