Short Handed Raiders Get The Job Done

Sunday, April 24 2016 - Glenbard East Ram Invitational

Coaches Corner

Raider(s) Of The Meet

The Raider(s) Of The Meet award will be given to those athletes that through their performances, caught the attention of the Coaches. This week, the Coaches have selected Simone Banks, Maggie Sim, Bianca Lupa Ashley Dodge, Kelsey Breen, Courtney Knight, Diane Lipa, TeJanae Tate, Kylee LaFalce, Abigael Bodine, Skylar Moloney,and Mikayla Jacoby as our Raiders Of The Meet. Congratulations!

GW/Fenwick & Glenbard East Ram Invitational

Hard to believe but we're coming to a close fast. We have 2 weeks until Conference and 3 to Sectional! With that in mind it was important for us to start competing at a higher level and it seems we've cranked it up a notch. That's what 32 PR's at Glenbard West and another 27 at Glenbard East sound like to me.   Personally, I like the Tuesday meets the best because it allows some kids to compete in different events, and many others to shine. My top pick from Tuesday include The Triple Threat team of high jumpers Simone Banks, Maggie Sim, and Biamca Lupa as they destroyed their previous PR's! How about career best discus throws from the Power Trio Ashley Dodge, Grace Buckley, and Nikki Newman!! Kudos to Erica Mote, Sophie Nelson, Gabby Reese, Cheyenne Avaloy, Katie King, Cassidy Shirley, and the list goes on and on. Friday night brought about a very interesting turn of events. Being short handed for a variety of reasons didn't seem to slow us down. What I thought was particularly cool was it provided an opportunity for different kids to shine. Personally, I had a ton of fun watching it all unfold. My favorite moments tend to be JV heavy. Ania Gniatczyk won the JV 100 from the slow heat. Kylee LaFalce & Skylar Moloney (400&800Re), and Abigael Bodine (800Re) stepped up and helped their teams to 3rd place finishes. Skylar later teamed up wit Gniatczyk, Katie King, and Lily Taylor to claim a 2nd place in the 4X4!! Mikayla Jacoby "shocked the world" by taking 42 seconds off of her previous best in the 1600! "Sarobbie" Sarah Robinson, soared to an 8 ft vault smashing her previous career best of 6'6"!! The Varsity had it's moments and TeJanae Tate had her claim to fame with a career best 100m Dash and a blistering leg in the 800 Relay. Diane Lipa and Courttney Knight were fun to watch in the 1600 as both girls continue to get stronger and stronger!! Emma Taylor had a 2 PR night with a career best in the 100 hurdles. Suvannah Williams, Julia Clingen, Erica Mote, and Ava Childs also turned in some sweet performances. with over 59 Pr's combined I'm sorry I couldn't mention you all. Here's my vote for Ms. Consistency - Kelsey Breen. Just take a look at what she has done all outdoor season! Well Done Raiders.

Conference Pasta Party May 5th at Coach Tacchi's!

TOC's Talk - Although it was a stressful week, we really had some outstanding performances. Lily Taylor had a tough double and ran 2 great legs in the 300H and 4X4. Ania Gniatczyk is becoming tougher and tougher. TeJanae Tate had a great night. Emma Taylor was tough, Maggie Sim jumped high, Sarah Robinson was spectacular. The JV squad stepped up big time and ran the races of their lives. With all the great stuff happening, let's not make things so tough all the time. Relax and enjoy the ride.

O's Know's -The distance team had many PR’s at the Ram Invite.   Members of the JV 3200 Relay were rewarded for their hard work with a third place finish. The gut of the team both ran PRs with Sophie Nelson (3:01.58) almost breaking 3:00 and Cassidy Shirley (2:53.06) running a huge 7 second PR.   In the Varsity 3200m both Raiders ran PR’s as Ava Child (12:36.15) in her 2nd 3200m of the season took third and Erica Mote 12:42.98 was close behind in fourth. Everyone in the 800m did a fantastic job! Going 1-2 in the JV race CHAMP Julia Clingen (2:39.72) and second place Katie King(2:42.97) both set Personal Records. In the Varsity race Abby Schlenker (2:25.46) placed second with a PR. Ava Child (70.38) came back from the 3200m to take 6th in the 400m with a 3 second PR. Grace Gibson (74.85) also ran a 400m PR with another tough double back from the 3200 relay. JV 1600m CHAMP Courtney Knight (5:45.94) blew the field away with a 26 second win. In the same race Mikayla Jacoby (7:07.39) had a 40 + second 1600m PR. On the Varsity level Diane Lipa (5:31.81) took control of the race early to have her best performance of the season. To finish off the night two distance runners Katie King (70.8) and Abby Schlenker (64.8) ran BIG TIME PR splits on the 4x4.

The Crissey Chronicles - Well, this was an interesting week to say the least. For the throwers on Tuesday we had some solid performances from about half of the girls. The other half did not put forth the necessary effort or focus to perform at their best. I believe this is an unfortunate theme for this season for some of the throwers. The girls who performed well applied the necessary technique, effort, and focus to put on a good performance even though the weather was not up to par. I am extremely proud of how Nikki Newman, Ashley Dodge, Grace Buckley, and Maggie Bair continue to perform. All of those ladies have continued to show improvements which has lead to PRs. On Friday, Ashley Dodge, Nikki Newman, Grace Buckley, and Maggie Bair put their hard work on display. These ladies either set new PRs or threw marks that were very consistent with previous meets. I love seeing the throwers battle it out in the meets and actually show disappointment or joy based off of their performance. It shows they care about their efforts and the team. As well all know, Kelsey Breen has had an INCREDIBLE outdoor season. We have all heard about or seen her awesome discus throws. We've all heard about awesome marks she had thrown (she had thrown over state qualifying 4 times). What you haven't heard is about all the crazy work and dedication that she has put forth. What you haven't seen or felt is the emotion and passion she has for her event. What you can't measure is the amount of perseverance Kelsey has. I have coached several extremely talented young ladies over the last decade, but none of them have battled through what she goes through on a daily basis. She is driven. She is self made. I am proud to be her coach. When natural talent and hard work coincide beautiful things happen. My challenge to the team is to rethink your dedication to the team. Are you putting forth the effort necessary to be conference champions? The unfortunate answer is "YES" for only a small portion of the ladies. Inconsistent effort and dedication does not lead to championships, not matter how talented you are.

This Weeks Focus - There's always something great to borrow from someone else so here's what I have compliments of Coach Izzo. With Conference only 2 weeks away, it's important to remember that for some of us, our season ends in 2 weeks on May 9th. For others, it's 3 weeks until Sectional, and 4 until State. With this in mind I'd like all of you to focus on 3 things. 1. Accountability- for the next few wekks, can you commit to being accountable to your team and your teammates?   2. Self Reflection - what do you see and how do your teammates view you?, & 3. Honest Communication - by this I mean face to face. If there's an issue, let's talk. Face to face.

Team Building - Mark your calendar! May 5th is the Conference Pasta Dinner at Coach Tacchi's. I'll provide the pasta, salad, and beverage. Please bring a dessert to share.