Underdog Raiders are Conference Champs!

Friday, May 6 2016 - Metro Suburban Conference Meet

Coaches Corner

Raider(s) Of The Meet

The Raider(s) Of The Meet award will be given to those athletes that through their performances, caught the attention of the Coaches. This week, the Coaches have selected our entire Team as our Raiders Of The Meet. Congratulations!  

Metro Suburban Championships

I'd like to keep this simple. We were the underdogs. Wow! In a meet we weren't supposed to win, somehow, someway, you all pitched in the steal the victory on the Varsity by one point. Meanwhile, The JV cruised to a 46 point victory! How did this happen? Quite simply, there isn't any quit in the Raider Girls Track Team. For on this night, Conference night, everyone came together to steal the win. Seriously, on this night, the field events, distance, and sprint crew found a way to scratch and claw for every point they scored. As a coaching staff, we recognize that conference night brings out the best in our teams, but even we were in awe of what we witnessed.

Tac Talk - It really couldn't get much better than what we accomplished Friday night. Everyone contributed in some way, some form. The Varsity needed every point we scored. Screw up in one race, and we don't win it. The JV dominated from start to finish, running away with a 40+ point victory. For the casual observer, they probably thought we didn't have a very good team this year. What they may have not realized was the level of competition we see week in and week out. The tough schedule we have helped prepare us for Conference night. This is what we worked for since January. If I start naming names I'd have to mention everyone, so I won't do that. What I will mention is that in true TEAM fashion, we got the job done. As a sprint/jump/hurdle crew, we didn't have a ton of All-Conference Athletes (Suvannah Williams, Emma Taylor, Sarah Nardella, Marissa Ray, Maiya Todd, Joslyn Hibbler, & TeJanae Tate). However, we did have a ton of kids who chipped in with 4th, 5th, & 6th places. Without all of those points, we don't leave as Champions. I'll leave you with this: a competitive meet is way more fun than a blow-out. It's good to see our conference getting more competitive. Thanks for a great season! Time to gear up for Sectionals.

O's No's- What is better than being conference champ? Being conference champ twice in one night! Congrats girls on an AWESOME night! Our distance team showed its depth by winning half of the distance events. Both 4x800 relays were victorious with the JV team of Grace Gibson (2:55.25), Sophie Nelson (3:02.69), Bianca Montenegro (3:08.78) and running a 3 second PR, Cassidy Shirley (2:49.79) anchored for the win. Our varsity team also had some PR’s run by Ava Childs (2:31.31) and Katie King (2:38.85). Rounding out the winning relay team was Julia Clingen (2:40.22) and running a season best Courtney Knight (2:33.94).   All of our 3200m running earned us valuable team points. In the JV race Kendall Arlasky (15:46.16) won a third place medal and Mikayla Jacoby (16:24.63) took fifth. We won another championship in the varsity 3200m with Abby Schlinker (12:28.2) walking off with the win. Erica Mote (13:00.09) earned third place hardware for 6 team points.   Our next champion was Katie King (2:46.33) in the JV 800m. Grace Gibson (3:00.48) just missed getting her second medal of the night when she earned fourth place team points. On the varsity level Diane Lipa (2:29.17) almost pulled off the greatest upset of the night in beating the State 800m Champ. Courtney Knight (2:40.38) just missed getting us a team point coming back from the 4x800m with short rest. Our 1600m runners ran to a second and third on both levels. Erica Mote (6:01.38) only missed the JV Championship by .08 seconds. Julia Clingen (6:02.77) was a close third earning her second medal of the night. In the varsity race Abby Schlenker (5:30.12) showed how mature of a distance runner she has become this year by winning the team 8 more points with her 18 point night. Ava Child (5:33.55) ran to a 9 second PR by running with the big girls most of the race and earning the team valuable third place points. Katie King (68.5) rounded out the distance scoring by running a PR on the JV second place 4x400m relay.  

The Crissey Chronicles - Friday's turn of events were unbelievable. I'm so proud of how the entire team came together on Friday night and produced a well fought victory. Metro Suburban Champs!!! Awesome. I said a few times to Mr. Tacchi and Mr. Preuss that this victory reminds me of how North Central College wins their conference and National Championships. They may not have the BEST athletes in all the events but they will "nickel and dime" you to death. Meaning, they score points all over the place. That is exactly what we did on Friday night. It was a total team effort. Maggie Bair, Grace Buckley, Aram, Mumani, and Ashley Dodge continued to show progress through their performance. All of those girls were able to score points for the team on Friday. Nikki Newman had a big PR in shot of 26-6, placing her 2nd in the JV shot put competition. Kelsey Breen once again showed her consistency with a toss of 105-10. I know Kelsey wanted to throw 110"+ but she is still the MSC discus champion. CeCe Jackson was the surprise of the night. After a tumultuous outdoor season, it all came together on Friday night. It took weeks of technique drills and focused practice, but in the end CeCe Jackson threw a three-foot PR on Friday night. Her mark of 35-9, which was her first throw, put all the pressure on the other girls in the competition. The other competitors floundered while CeCe flourished.

This Weeks Focus - Getting the Varsity ready for Sectionals!