Raiders Challenge Selves!

Sunday, March 5 2017 - Batavia Invitational

Raider Batavia Newsletter

Make Note! - We have a busy week starting on Wednesday with a JV Open Meet at South and The Plainfield South Meet on Friday.  Be ready to run outdoors this week!  We need a fun team activity....any ideas?

Raider(s) Of The Meet - The Raider Of The Meet award will be given to the athlete(s) that through their performances, caught the attention of the Coaches.  This week, the Coaches have selected Fay Kaye, India Lucas, & Sarah Robinson, as our Raiders Of The Meet.   Each of these girls set, or met an Indoor Career Best time/distance. Congratulations!

Mustang/Batavia Invitational
Have you ever heard the old saying "one step forwards and two steps back?"  That's what I feel sometimes about our team.  We take a step forwards as far as performances with over 20 season or career PR's, but we take a couple of steps backwards in the leadership department.  What happened to our team warm-up and team cool-down?  At this point of the season, that should be routine.  You don't need to be a senior to lead, just take some initiative!  We had plenty of good stuff happening, starting Monday night at the Mustang Relays.  The 3200RE, 800RE, & 1600RE all posted seasons best times on the North Central Track. Congrats to Abby Schlenker, Julia Clingen, Katie King, Ava Childs, Suvannah Williams, Maiya Todd, Joslynn Hibbler. TeJanae Tate, Krista Kreshpanji, and Ania Gniatczyk for your huge PR's!  At the Batavia invite, we had over 20 team and individual PR's led  by Sarah Robinson who had a career day with an 8-06 vault, Fay Kaye who had a 22 sec. PR in the 1600, India Lucas who had a great sprint day, and Krista Kreshpanji and Emily Weigan who posted 5 sec PR's in the 800!

Coach Crissey - This week many of the throwers took some positive strides.  It was a heavy week of technique and strength training.  I know technique work isn't the most fun thing to do, but it is a TOTAL necessity.  Taylor Pickens and Jessica Velasques' glide technique improved greatly. They looked smooth moving across the ring.  Kayla Crowder continues to show her power and explosiveness from a power position throw. Now, Kayla needs to work on her movement on the glide.  Kaya Cloutier had an in the ring epiphany.  She finally utilizes her block arm in a throw, and it all clicked.  Kaya has a bright future. Kelsey Breen continues to show her consistency with another mark on the 27-foot range.  This kid needs to go after 30-feet.  Ciara Jackson improved on her spin technique and release.  With another week of drills Ciara will be ready for Plainfield South.

Coach Orlow - In the 4x800 Sophie Nelson (2:58.0) and Courtney Knight(2:51.57) ran competitive races at the end of the relay.  Both coming back from sickness and injury showed their toughest.  In their first 3200m race of the year Hardrock, Coco and Joe ran with the competition to get pulled to two PR’s and a high place.  (Hardrock) Katie King (13:04.18) and (Coco) Julia Clingen (13:15.17) ran 16 and 18 second 3200m PR’s while (Joe) Ava Childs (12:56.2) placed high in the race.  The distance team controlled their 800m heat with Grace Gibson (3:00.53), Cassidy Shirley (3:02.37) and Courtney Knight (2:51.22) all powering to season best times. Crazy Kat Acabal (3:01.12) ran a three second PR to almost win her heat and scare the crap out of No Rookie Is Going To Beat Me Grace.   Our only 400m runner Leslie Williamson (90.19) almost ran a PR.  In the 1600m we had three more PR’s.  Fay Kay (6:42.35) and Mikayla Jacoby (6:43.3) pushed each other to huge PR’s.  Shayan Malik (7:41.4) also raced to a PR while Ella McLaren slow start fast finish just missed one.       

Coach Tacchi/Crenshaw - I like what's happening. However, I'm starting to feel a sense of urgency.  Once our times start dropping (now), I want them to drop faster and consistently.  It's hard for me to believe it's already March and the Indoor season is coming to an end!   I need to be patient and "stay the course."  You all have worked hard but it's not time to take the foot off the pedal.  On the contrary, we need to step on the gas.  The challenge is to never be satisfied and to never fear the race.  From a performance standpoint, it was nice to have Emma Taylor back.  Our sprinters as a whole had a great day.  I appreciated Katyla Sims stepping into the 4 X 400 and helping her teammates. Coach of the Meet  honors goes to Coach Crenshaw because it was good to have him back but mainly because the vaulters Amara Bodine, Sarah Nardella, and Sarah (RobBob) Robinson vaulted so well!  I also thought India Lucas made a bit of a statement today.  To our Varsity sprinters, thanks for continuing to step up and challenge yourselves particularly in the 800 and 400 races.  Our season going forwards only becomes more competitive!

Team Quote - "The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people." -Randy Pausch